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  First, regular inspection of the main structural status of the rig, bolts of structural connectors, connecting pins of structural members, weld seams of structural members, structure of protective baskets and safety protection, especially before using the equipment, should have a qualified unit The safety performance of the test, qualified before use;
  Second, on a regular basis for a variety of power head, working oil cylinder, drill pipe drill status check;
  Third, at any time on the wire rope rope end consolidation situation check;
  Fourth, the contents of the wire rope inspection is: the number of safety wire rope, wire rope selection, installation, lubrication, wire rope defect inspection, such as wire rope diameter and wear, the number of broken wire rope;
  Fifth, on a regular basis on the hoist drum anti-wire rope off device and the height of both sides of the edge of the wall of the drum wall, the wire rope at the end of the spool on the number of weeks to be checked, especially the status of the brake port should be checked at any time the key project ;
  Sixth, check the pulley system at any time, the main inspection items are: the status of the pulley, the transition pulley anti-skipping device;
  Seven, at any time on the walking system for inspection, the main inspection items: track chassis, bearing lubrication;
  Eight, the electrical system inspection, the main inspection items are: special box set and short circuit protection and leakage protection device, emergency power switch, box damping device, the work of the device fixed cable, lighting lines, ground is prohibited to carry Flow zero line;
  Nine, establish and improve maintenance account, replacement parts should be detailed records to ensure that the use of spare parts within the validity period, or keep abreast of the next replacement time;
  Ten, where the inspection of any faulty machinery, should immediately stop working, the fault is not ruled out before not allowed to use.

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