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Aluminum alloy core drilling rig
Our company develops the all-aluminum alloy drilling rig HZ-130T/XY-3T, which reduces the weight of the drilling rig by using new materials and saves the cost of field operations.
All aluminum alloy drilling rig

1. Application of new high-strength lightweight alloy materials.
2. Research on new aluminum alloy welding technology, integrated application in tower and underframe;
3. The main components of the box body (vertical axle box, transfer box, hoist, etc.) are made of pressure-cast high-strength aluminum-based alloy to replace the original ordinary steel;
HZ series core drilling rig
HZ-130/180/200 series drilling rigs are used for general survey exploration, road and construction exploration;
Optional models of drilling rigs:
HZ-130/180/200YY moving machine series
XYD-130/180/200 crawler drilling rig series
XYC-130/180/200 truck mounted drilling rig series
XY-3 core drilling rig

1. The drilling rig adopts MW525 type automobile gearbox assembly.
2. Yunnei 490 automobile powertrain has 10 speed stages and a reasonable speed range, large torque, strong bearing capacity, can realize remote control and speed change, and convenient operation.
XY-44A Kilometer Drilling Rig
XY-44A core drilling rig is a core drilling equipment mainly used for diamond and cemented carbide drilling. It is mainly used in geology, metallurgy, coal, hydrology, engineering and other industries, and can also be used for engineering geological exploration, shallow oil and natural gas mining , Mine tunnel ventilation, drainage, hydrological well drilling and large-diameter foundation pile engineering construction, etc. The main features of XY-44A drilling rig:    1. The drilling rig has a large number of rotation speeds (12 forward rotations and 2 reverse rotations) and a reasonable speed range. The low-speed torque is large (up to 8000N.m), which is suitable for alloys, Diamond core drilling is also suitable for engineering
XY-8 vertical shaft/turntable drilling rig

Based on the XY series core drilling rig, the XY-44MP/XY-8MP type exploration drilling rig integrating vertical shaft and rotary table type is developed.
It is mainly suitable for core drilling with large and small diameters mainly based on alloy and diamond;
Metal and non-metal solid mineral deposit exploration;
Shallow oil and natural gas exploration; geothermal well exploration;
Ventilation and drainage of mine tunnels and construction of large-diameter foundation piles.
XYD-130/180/200 crawler drilling rig
1. Main use: With the intensification of economic growth, the consumption of resources in traditional industrial areas such as Shandong, Jiangsu, Hebei and other eastern provinces has been exhausted. New resource exploration is mainly concentrated in areas with inconvenient transportation such as Yunnan, Guichuan, Tibet, Xinjiang, and Qinghai. In these areas, the cost of equipment handling is much higher than the construction cost. In many places, there is no road at all, and people have to carry them on their shoulders. The weight of traditional equipment cannot be reduced, and the energy consumption of fully hydraulic split drilling rigs is too high. The alloy drilling rig HZ-130T/XY-3T uses new materials to reduce the weight of the drilling rig and save the cost of field operations.
Crawler drilling rig

1. The drilling rig can be equipped with rubber track or steel track.
2. The rig can be folded (20 meters in length) or hydraulically telescopic.
3. Mud pump can be equipped with BW160/200/250 type.
XYX-3 walking water well drilling rig

★The drilling rig is equipped with wheeled walking mechanism and hydraulic cylinder support.
★The installed power is large, with 2 reverse speeds, which is convenient for handling accidents.
★The control handles are centralized, the layout is reasonable and compact, the operation is simple, flexible and reliable.
★With a normally closed hydraulic chuck, it is convenient and flexible to operate.
★The independent operation of the vertical shaft and the hoist can be realized.   ★The vertical shaft through hole has a large diameter, which can be replaced with a large hexagonal active drill rod
XYC-200 truck mounted water well drilling rig
Main feature:
1. The vehicle-mounted drilling rig is a hydraulic vertical shaft rotary drilling rig.
2. XYC-200GT adopts Tang Jun Jinlika automobile chassis,
3. XYC-3 adopts Qingdao Sailong Zhongtu truck chassis, drilling rig transmission system, hoist, mud pump and other important accessories are installed on this chassis, the layout is reasonable and compact, and the operation is simple.
4. The hydraulic lifting and lowering type automatic telescopic drilling tower of the drilling rig tower is safe and convenient to operate
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