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Pipe thread lathe
Q245 main technical parameters Project parameters Overall dimensions Length (mm) 3300 Width (mm) 1450 Height (mm) 1600 Weight (t) 6000 Main specifications Maximum taper 1:04 Maximum turning diameter of bed (mm) 800 Processed pipe diameter (mm) ) 50-245 Maximum workpiece length (mm) 1000, 1500, 3000, 4000 Maximum stroke of taper bar (mm) 750 Spindle spindle speed series 12 Spindle hole diameter (mm) 225 Spindle speed range (r/min) 20-460 The number and range of longitudinal feed of the feed system
Pipe thread lathe
Numerical control system: 1. Guangshu GSK-980TDC (optional) 2. Beijing KND-K1000T-Ci (optional) CK1322 CNC pipe threading lathe independent spindle Servo stepless variable speed CNC pipe threading lathe project parameter distance between two ejectors (mm) 100015003000 bed maximum turning diameter (mm) Ф630 spindle through hole diameter (mm) Ф225 processing pipe diameter range Ф30~Ф219 bed rail width (mm) 600 spindle servo speed (r/min) 20~500 servo main motor (power /Frequency) 11KW/33.3
Pipe thread lathe
QY260 down-the-hole drilling rig is an efficient and multi-functional drilling equipment. It is mainly suitable for drilling water wells, agricultural irrigation wells, ground source heat pump wells and other wells, especially for water intake projects in mountainous areas and rock formations. The drilling rig can carry out drilling work in different formations, and the maximum drilling diameter can reach 300mm. The drilling rig adopts new hydraulic technology, supporting large-torque hydraulic motor rotation and large-diameter hydraulic cylinder propulsion. The famous factory engine provides power for the hydraulic system. The two-stage air filter and the intake design of compressed air extend the service life of the diesel engine. Unique pump unit design is convenient for maintenance and reduces maintenance costs
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