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How to solve the slip phenomenon of drilling rig?

How to solve the slipping phenomenon of drilling rig?For this problem,everyone must first understand why slippage occurs before they can think of a solution.

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Wang Yumin came to our county to investigate enterprise talent work

On May 4, Wang Yumin, deputy head of the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee and director of the Municipal Party Committee’s Veteran Cadres Bureau,

Water well drilling rig-Kaishan air compressor

Main engine:Patented large-diameter rotor design.The main engine and the diesel engine are directly connected through a highly flexible coupling.

The company’s newest product, water-air dual-purpose JDL-300 drilling rig, begins to book

The JDL-300 series drilling rig is a water well drilling equipment that integrates water drilling and gas drilling functions independently developed by the company (national invention patent: ZL201510479602.4).

Water well drilling rigs are not suitable for use in the rainy season

Well drilling is not suitable when it is raining, but water well drilling rigs are not used in the rainy season. The following editor will come to understand with everyone.

Anchor Rig

This model is a full-hydraulic gyrator-type anchoring engineering drilling rig,which is mainly used in the construction of urban foundation pit support,control of building displacement,

Correct use method of water well drilling rig

How to use water well drilling rig correctly?Here we will focus on the precautions for the use of the new machine.After the water drilling rig leaves the factory,it is generally stipulated that there is a running-in period of about 60 hours(some called the running-in period),which is stipulated according to the technical characteristics of the water well drill
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